Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cucur Kodok

Don't worry no kodok inside. It is just a name of this very economical food or snack. I think it should solve world hunger problem. Just imagine one kilogram of flour cost about RM1.50 can actually produce maybe 200 pieces of cucur kodok. Eating 20 pieces each can really feed about 10 adult persons at one go. Wow breakfast or lunch for 10 adults that cost RM1.50 only with air kosong off course. Yes sir. My solution to world hunger !! No more starvation. Period.

Secret Recipe:
1. Stir flour with water till mix well and add a bit of salt.
2. Add slice of onions and ikan bilis/udang if you wish.
3. Fry it in hot cooking oil til well done.
4. Dry it on piece of paper and ready to serve.

Cucur Kodok Enterprise
Best Eat after dip in Chilli Sauce and Sugar

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