Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cameron Highland

Men At Work - Burst Front Tyre Near Tapah

Beli Petai Orang Asli - RM13

Kedai Souvenier Along The Way

Lata Iskandar - Cheers !!

Honey Bees Enclosure

Hand Pick Strawberry

Lake View Hotel

Cabbage Farm

Giant Cabbage - RM25

The Colors

Bright Yellow Sun Flower

Mat Bangla and Strawberry

Packed Veggies at Flea Market

Vegetables Variety

Majestic View at Bharat Tea Plantation

Taking Our Sweet Time Down The Memory Lane

Allah is Great - Thanks for these Moments

Long time have not post nothing here. So today I feel like posting something. My family and I went to some sort of vacation the other day. It just a day trip but it is worth it. We went to Cameron Highland. It has been a while. We last went there I think about 5 years ago. We choose Tapah route to go up and Simpang Pulai route to come down. Cameron Highland is famous for breathtaking panoramic scenery, cool fresh air, tea plantation, vegetables farming, nice hotels, and strawberries. Lucky handset nowadays have quality camera built in, as we snaps about 650 photos using three Sony Ericson and one Nokia. We load into our PC and enjoy the 'slide show' a few rounds. Beautiful. Let me share 15 pieces here for a record. Allah who created heaven and earth, created all this surrounding for us to see and relate. Allah is Great.


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