Monday, October 25, 2010

Blue Lagoon

Lets Have Fun

Ilham Resort

Play Ball In The Pool

Vacation is always good. Take a break from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Our favorite vacation spot as always, Ilham Resort of Blue Lagoon, PD. A two hours drive from our home. This time around we invite our good friends, Baker & gang to join us. Left at around 12:30pm. Reach Telok Kemang beaches at around 2:30pm. After solat jamak & qasar at Masjid Qariah Telok Kemang, we find a picnic spot among the crowd. We have a good home-cook lunch enjoying by the two happy families.

Then I bought two beach pants at one of the stalls for my son Amir & me, RM25 for two, not a bad bargain I presume. Not after later on we found out that the material used cause a side-effect to the skin, rashes on both thigh. My wife quick to make a conclusion and blame it on 'Made in China' syndrome, cheap but of a low quality material.

We check-in at around 3pm. Ilham Resort is a five-star apartment resort own by PNB. As a staff of one of PNB's subsidiary, I have the privilege to get a cheap rate to RM670 per nite 3-bedroom unit. Hence, this is our sixth trip there. Second time for this year.We got a unit at Level 6. The view is breath taking. We can see the whole sea up to the end of the horizon.

Off to the swimming pool for the kids, me & Baker. Then we have a nice stroll at the beach joining by the wives. First to watch 'air pasang' at Blue Lagoon in front of Ilham Resort. Then we went for a swim at crystal clear Cermin Beach, a walking distance at the opposite side of Ilham Resort. A quite and clean beach for us to spend the whole afternoon all to ourselves

We went for a dinner courtesy of Mr Baker at Hotel Mesra Restaurant about 3 km away towards PD town. Not a very good dinner but we enjoy it nevertheless. Then I watch Malaysia Cup semifinal live on RTM1 at the lobby. The body need a rest though. The sleepy eyes only can stand so much, light out at around midnight.

After a good nasi lemak breakfast serve by my wife, we all get ready for jungle tracking. We go down to the lobby only to be delayed by heavy rain. So we read the morning papers instead. The kids become restless, and off to the swimming pool not so long after.

The majestic Port Ricardo Light House Build In 1852

After the rain stop we proceed with the earlier plan. First, a half km walking to Port Ricardo Light House, a majestic view above Tg Tuan oversees the panoramic view of Malacca Strait. Our friends Baker & the gang are very impress with the new found. The unlimited breeze of fresh air and green surrounding add to the pleasure.

Then we agreed to try a new track for our jungle tracking experience deep into Tg Tuan Forest Reserve. The track start just behind the Light House. The 1km downward steps gave us a good feeling while enjoying the beauty of the forest and its surrounding. We can see various species, some are well labeled by the authority.

Going Down Hill To The Unknown

On our last trip back in April this year, we have experience a different 'jungle path' at the foot of the hill where we discovered a nice untouchable beach that we very much enjoyed to ourselves. The track is just nice not to steep and go around to meet the main road. So we expect the same setup this time around. That is the story line that I kept telling Baker & the gang. Everybody looks anxious to try it out.

Fantasy Island - Lost World

So here we go, the track to the unknown. Not bad at a start, halfway through the steps became steeper. Then not far after, there is a nice 'untouchable' beach for us to enjoy. Nobody around excepts three man with their fishing rods. All of us take a deep into the water. The cloudy weather make it perfect outing.

But there is a catch. No way out. What I mean is no continuation on the path that we took just now. The track simply end at the beeches. We can explore more stretch of white sand beeches. That is it, but no way out. Except of cause the one that we came from. Meaning a steep track uphill instead of downhill, haiyyyaaaa...I heard everybody screaming.

We have no choice as "Nasi sudah menjadi bubur". After about 30 minutes in the water, we start our climbing. Semput ooo...but any how we manage. So before check-out we splash into the pool again. Then a quick lunch with all the leftovers, including nasi lemak, mee sedap, kuih apam, and sandwiches. We check-out at around 3pm.

Under The Shades

Then we stop by at Pantai Telok Kemang for site seeing and snapshots while enjoying some ice cream and snacks. The beaches looks beautiful under the sun with cozy atmosphere shading by palm trees. It gave a lasting impression indeed. Overall we experienced a nice holiday. Until next visit, Sayonara PD !!


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